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AppDirect to acquire Builtfirst to become the top-tier destination for marketplace platform technology

AppDirect, the world's leading B2B commerce platform, announced it is acquiring Builtfirst, a leader in self-service marketplace platform technology, further expanding AppDirect's ability to help companies of all sizes with their marketplace needs, becoming the single source destination for marketplaces. AppDirect has over a decade of experience in digital commerce.

"Companies often start with basic directories for integrations or special discounts and quickly evolve towards full-scale subscription commerce as experience and expertise grows.” said Michael Julve, co-founder of Builtfirst. “This acquisition creates a crucial pipeline for their entire journey."

With its low-code/no-code approach to getting a marketplace up and running in a matter of minutes, Builtfirst focuses technology development around self-service and user-friendly accessibility—an approach that aligns with AppDirect’s product-led growth strategy, launched in 2021, according to the companies.

As a subscription commerce platform, AppDirect will offer Builtfirst customers additional benefits and new functionality, such as the ability to leverage components of AppDirect’s digital commerce platform. 

“Builtfirst was created based on a vision where every business can succeed together. We have extensive experience in helping mid-size organizations accomplish their marketplace goals” said Aaron Bailey, co-founder and CEO of Builtfirst. “By joining the AppDirect team, Builtfirst will become part of an organization that’s founded on the same mission: to make technology universally accessible. AppDirect has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the Enterprise space, and with the addition of the Builtfirst platform, we now become a global powerhouse to meet all B2B marketplace demand.”

As a leader in digital commerce platforms and marketplaces, AppDirect recognizes the potential of Builtfirst’s growth in this space. This acquisition aligns AppDirect with an organization that shares similar goals, allowing it to meet the growing demand for technology that makes ecosystem strategies successful, according to AppDirect.

“This acquisition provides an immediate pathway for Builtfirst customers to move to commerce,” said Andy Ellerhorst, vice president of corporate development and chief of staff at AppDirect. “Which is the natural progression for any marketplace. Bringing Builtfirst into the AppDirect team is not only beneficial for its customers, AppDirect will also gain a new line of business that helps our goal of making technology accessible for any sized organization”

This acquisition is not expected to impact the Builtfirst brand in the short term. Customers will receive the high level of support and service they have come to expect from both companies, according to AppDirect.

For more information about this news, visit www.appdirect.com or www.builtfirst.com.

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