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Altair releases set of comprehensive updates to Panopticon

Altair, a global technology company providing solutions in product development, is releasing a set of enhancements for Panopticon, its platform for user-driven monitoring and analysis of real-time trading and market data.

With Panopticon, clients can examine their time series data down to the millisecond – or below – as well as monitor any number of real-time streaming feeds in actionable ways, said Sam Mahalingam, Altair CTO.

Panopticon now delivers the speed, flexibility, and scalability of a cloud-based solution for data streaming and visualization, further simplifying the deployment and expansion of user-generated content, dashboards, and applications.

The enhanced capabilities of Panopticon are also ideally suited to other sectors where real-time monitoring and analysis of high-volume, high-velocity data streams is equally critical. These include operational data analytics applications in manufacturing, logistics, telecoms, oil and gas production, and energy distribution.

These updates enable users to:

  • Manage and permission content, prepare data sources, and create interactive dashboards via a sleek UI delivered through standard web browsers
  • Seamlessly distribute content across server clusters
  • Enjoy improved control of dashboards and workbooks
  • Realize a 100-fold improvement in the speed of integration of Python libraries, using Apache Arrow (a cross-language development platform for in-memory data)
  • Benefit from faster performance with the time series and tick databases commonly used within capital market firms, including Kx kdb+ and OneTick

For more information about these upgrades, visit www.altair.com.

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