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Alfresco Enhances Digital Business Platform

Alfresco Software, an enterprise open source provider of process automation, content management, and information governance software, has announced major product updates to its Digital Business Platform, including support for Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS) and Amazon Glacier. 

According to Alfresco, with its support for Amazon EKS, customers can more easily deploy, scale and manage large Alfresco production implementations, and the ability to do product upgrades and patches is simpler and faster.  In addition, Alfresco notes, its support for Amazon Glacier makes a range of use cases less expensive to support.  In addition, a new “out of the box” interface is backed by the power of the Alfresco Application Development Framework (ADF) and designed to accelerate end-user adoption of Alfresco solutions. Providing for commonly used functions, it can be extended with a library of pre-built modular UX components and open APIs, allowing Alfresco developers and partners to rapidly create the custom, fit-for-purpose applications their users need.

Alfresco’s support for Amazon Glacier unlocks up to 70% savings when compared to on-premises solutions while offering secure, durable storage for content archiving, said Bernadette Nixon, CEO of Alfresco.  Additionally, with its query-in-place functionality, Glacier support brings "old information" back to life by allowing users to run analytics against their archival content with the Alfresco Search and Insight Engine.

For more information on Alfresco, visit www.alfresco.com.

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