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Airtable opens Beta program for Airtable AI to empower customers to embed AI capabilities into data and workflows

Airtable is launching a customer beta program and expanding access to Airtable AI, enabling customers to experiment with and embed new AI capabilities in their data and workflows and provide valuable insights for Airtable’s roadmap.

The beta program will include participation from leading global retail, services, technology, and media companies and will scale to thousands of organizations using Airtable later this summer.

According to the vendor, integrating AI capabilities into Airtable’s next-generation platform enables organizations to embed AI across a wide range of critical business processes and power marketing campaigns, content production, product roadmaps, customer feedback, and other workflows, all in one place.

Launching initially with foundation models provided by OpenAI, Airtable AI will eventually offer customers the ability to choose from a variety of models that best fit their needs.

Airtable offers a library of pre-built components, templates, and prompts that make it easy for teams to experiment, develop, and strengthen their AI skills. Requiring no prior experience with AI or coding, Airtable AI enables the people closest to the work to develop engaging, generative-AI powered apps to help them execute work faster and more effectively, according to the company.

“The current generation of large language models are already highly capable of advanced reasoning and creativity tasks and can be applied to a broad range of knowledge work. Yet most companies are just beginning to scratch the surface with them,” said Airtable co-founder and CEO Howie Liu. “Enterprises can now use Airtable’s no-code approach to immediately integrate these powerful models in the context of their existing data and workflows, making it possible to rapidly build and deploy highly engaging, AI-powered apps.

According to the company, Airtable AI can help any enterprise team increase output and will be an optional paid feature available to customers later this year, with details on pricing and availability coming soon.

For more information about this news, visit www.airtable.com.

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