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Agorai cultivates five new partnerships

Agorai, a global platform which provides the turnkey software solutions and data needed for any company to join the AI economy, is expanding its strategic partnerships, adding four top AI companies. These partnerships include eContext, EZOPS, Hyper Cognition and SEON – as well as data specialist Complementics.

Serving the financial, healthcare, retail and advertising sectors, these new partners advance Agorai’s mission to curate, connect and deliver AI solutions to drive positive results for businesses of all sizes.

Agorai connects firms with AI solutions, providing the right data, infrastructure and expertise to ensure that AI projects generate ROI quickly.

Agorai's partners support multiple aspects of the AI ecosystem and enable business processes across industries:

  • eContext – Specializes in the classification and structuring of data through application of natural language understanding and one of the world's largest knowledge graphs. eContext enables companies to understand the topics relevant to its business found across social media and the news.  Thereby allowing companies to extract deeper insights regarding their existing and potential customers.
  • EZOPS – Utilizes machine learning to automate many of the manual tasks associated with financial services back office operations including data reconciliation, regulatory compliance, and enterprise reporting. Used by some of the world’s largest banks, EZOPS has delivered significant reductions in cost and enterprise risk.
  • Hyper Cognition – Leverages machine vision and deep learning at the edge, to provide intelligence on people’s behavior in physical locations such as stores, senior living homes, and workspaces. Hyper Cognition’s solution eliminates the traditional friction points of deployment, data quality, and cost – thereby enabling businesses to make their facilities engaging, safe and efficient.
  • SEON – Provides supercharged fraud detection technology. SEON's cloud-based, machine learning-enabled platform enriches and analyzes data points at multiple transaction points and delivers clear precision scoring of activity, allowing business to focus on fraud resolution vs. fraud Identification.

In addition to continuously curating AI-enabled business solutions, Agorai partners with data providers to ensure businesses have access to robust, quality data to fuel their AI applications which includes:

  • Complementics – A global mobile network which, including via its SDK integrations with Publishers, reaches over 400M US devices and 1B devices globally. The breadth of this data provides consumer insights to brands, agencies, and financial services firms, all while protecting consumer privacy.

These five partners join Agorai’s growing ecosystem of AI solution and data providers, working together to enable businesses of all sizes, everywhere.

Agorai achieves this by working with companies to help them make sense of what is possible today with AI solutions.

Agorai curates AI solutions that are available today, connects them with businesses that can benefit from them, and helps these businesses quickly deliver meaningful bottom line results.

For more information about these partnerships, visit www.agorai.ai.

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