Adobe Sign gets a makeover with new interface and integration updates

Adobe is updating its Sign platform with a revamped user interface that makes e-signatures easier than ever to use and helps customers be more productive with a broad set of tools.

Additionally, Adobe Sign’s update includes new features supporting mobile devices and new integrations with Microsoft cloud products including SharePoint, Dynamics, PowerApps and Flow, Teams and Azure.

With the new home screen, it’s easier for retailers to use Adobe Sign to create reusable, digital templates from onboarding forms and other new hire documents that already exist.

Then they can quickly send those forms to large numbers of new hires to fill out and sign. Once those documents hit their inbox, employees can easily find the form fields that they need to sign, without the screen size getting in the way, thanks to the enhanced mobile signing experience.

The new home page also features the all-new manage page where retailers can manage and track all the signed forms in just a few clicks.

The Adobe Sign updates include the following:

  • Improved mobile signing experience: Adobe Sign enables users to zoom in on areas they need to sign and provides mobile-friendly navigation buttons that guide the signer through required fields. The company said these functionalities are available on mobile web and don't require users to download an app.
  • New home screen interface: The Adobe Sign home screen has a new design intended to make the main e-signature tools more visible and accessible. The tools let users send out a document for signatures, track document status and manage the signing process. Users can send documents from the Adobe Sign home screen for people to sign instead of emailing the document or sending paper copies, according to the company.
  • New manage page: The new page lets managers responsible for sending documents for signatures track or modify the process. The user can check to whom the documents were sent, determine whether a recipient opened the document yet, change or cancel recipients and archive the documents.
  • Adobe Sign allows two different levels of account sharing on the manage page: view only and full access. The view-only sharing mode allows the main manager to share the account to team members so they are given access to only view the status of the task. The full-access sharing mode gives complete control to team members to take over the manager's account in case the person is taking a vacation or leaving the company, according to Adobe.

Adobe Sign has updated integrations with the following Microsoft products:

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft PowerApps and Power Automate in the Government Community Cloud
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory

For more information about these updates, visit www.adobe.com.

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