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Acquiring the Right Tools to Increase Productivity and Collaboration

Productivity relies on collaboration. Working as a team allows companies to thrive as information is easily shared and communicated.

As employees increasingly work away from a central office and on an astonishing variety of devices, having the needed information centralized, easily accessible, and relevant to the task at hand has become a necessity. At the same time, the ability to maintain data integrity has also become essential to halt the dangers of scattered information. And, information governance mandates must also be balanced requirements for mobile productivity.

To further explore these issues, KMWorld recently presented a webinar in which Barry Jink, president and CEO at Colligo Networks, and Richard Hughes, director of digital strategy for BroadVision, discussed techniques for boosting productivity and collaboration.

By enabling employees to utilize different sets of tools in a variety of office spaces, a digital workplace has been created that can actually overload employees with information, according to Hughes. This creates a fragmentation of knowledge with too much information coming through, but no one accountable for it, Hughes explained.

BroadVisions’ Vmoso platform integrates messaging and knowledge management, creating a single source of truth, while enabling accountability and consolidating information, Hughes said.

The digital workplace creates a balancing act between worker productivity and information governance, Jink noted. There are three digital transformation challenges. These include controlling costs, implementing governance and control, and ensuring adoption and productivity.

Off-the-shelf apps can close the gap, Jink explained, and, by extending SharePoint and O365, balance productivity with governance.

There are several ways Colligo is extending both of those platforms. The company pushes content to user devices; tracks usage, adoption, and compliance; captures more metadata when content is saved; captures emails as records within SharePoint; deploys Mobile Content Management policies; enriches the offline user experience; and enriches discovery and collaboration for users.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.

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