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Access Innovations Improves Content Management Efficiency with Data Harmony v.3.11

Access Innovations has rolled out the latest release of its Data Harmony Suite of software tools. The new release, version 3.11, focuses on enhancements for ease of use and efficiency, according to Bob Kasenchak, director of business development at Access Innovations. The goal, he said, was to take some of the functions that had been available “with several clicks and a little processing” and, instead, make them available “via a one-click operation.”

The Data Harmony Suite provides content management solutions to improve information organization by systematically applying a taxonomy or thesaurus in total integration, with patented content extraction methods. MAIstro, the company’s flagship software module of the Data Harmony product line, combines Thesaurus Master (for taxonomy creation and maintenance) with the M.A.I. (Machine Aided Indexer) for interactive text analysis and better subject tagging. The XIS (XML Intranet System) offers metadata creation tools and completes the Data Harmony Suite.

Data Harmony Version 3.11 supports multiple capabilities to give users the ability to further refine and categorize their controlled vocabulary in the Data Harmony software.

“It is really trying to respond to the needs of our users,” said Kasenchak. “We have a user group that meets every year in Albuquerque, and we try to listen to their feedback and prioritize the things that most people are asking for and add those to the next version.”
System-wide improvements in Data 3.11 include improved monitors to send alerts if a server, project, or web application stops functioning. “We now have a web application to enable users to check on the status of all their projects, whether they are internal on their servers, or SaaS and hosted on our servers, to make sure that everything is up and running,” said Kasenchak.  “We have a good record with uptime - over 99% - and this gives the user a tool to make sure there are no problems and the system is running. It can also send you an alert if something happens to the connection.” In addition, he said, among the system-wide enhancements, there is also improved security for APIs, with support for encrypted connections to the Data Harmony servers. “We have added an SSL layer to the APIs," Kasenchak said.

Improvements to the M.A.I. include new functionality that allows users to search for all rules associated with a thesaurus term at once as well as a refresh button in the rule editor window that permits users to bring the deleted term and rule body back for editing. “The machine-aided indexer and the vocabulary manager are tied together and we are trying to improve those links and functionalities," said Kasenchak.  "Now, from the vocabulary manager, when you select a term in the taxonomy, there is a button that can be clicked and it pops open every rule that calls that term. It is a very use rule thing when you are trying to tweak the indexing rules to improve accuracy. It was something that we had a workaround for before and we have wrapped all that in a bundle and created button right in the interface for it.” 

In addition, the Thesaurus Master offers expanded export options, including Excel, ID delimited, and various SKOS exports; a redesigned Branch Export, allowing users to produce exports with or without paired Related Terms; and a redesign of the WebThesViewer as a web application that runs on any browser and includes an expandable hierarchy view and auto-complete search functionality

And finally, the XIS has received a redesign and update, with a new look and updated features including fields that now auto-complete from an attached thesaurus or authority file as the user types; the ability to handle Chinese characters (and all fonts in UTF-8 encoding); the ability to interface with more than one thesaurus project simultaneously; new exports types and search fields; and multiple views for search results make things easier and more efficient for all of our users.

For further information, visit www.dataharmony.com.

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