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AODocs unveils new release of modern cloud-native content services platform

AODocs has introduced the latest edition of its content services platform that features enhanced support for enterprise-scale deployments, improved low code configuration capabilities, and updated interfaces for administrators and users.

AODocs introduces new capabilities in release 54 of its platform that further support global enterprises by allowing for discrete management of local AODocs domains for specific countries and departments, even if they all share the same Google Workspace domain.

In addition, the latest version of the AODocs Platform features improved library scalability. AODocs can now manage a nearly limitless number of attachments per library by enabling customers to store attachments in Google Cloud Storage (GCS).

“In many ways, 2020 has re-shaped how we live and how we work, and agile enterprises that can adapt quickly will be the ones that succeed in the new digital workplace,” said AODocs CEO Stéphan Donzé. “The newest version of the AODocs Platform brings new, powerful low code features to increase the agility of our platform, and more scalability thanks to Google Cloud Storage.”

With this new update, the company says, the AODocs platform delivers a simplified syntax and improved formulas designed to make creating and configuring properties easy. AODocs’ customers leverage calculated properties for document naming conventions, unique IDs, date computations, total price calculations, and a variety of other use cases. Moreover, release 54 has taken this feature a step further with a new formula tool that automatically proposes property values that can be immediately inserted into formulas.

“We believe the new business world is agile and low code, and that business users should not have to depend on IT experts to create or update their business applications,” Donzé explained. “With open APIs and a flexible architecture, the AODocs Platform can be configured by those closest to the business requirement who need to access and control content based on their judgment, rather than having to rely on IT to configure the system for them.”

For more information, visit AODocs.com.

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