ABBYY creates mobile capture kit

ABBYY, a provider of content IQ technologies and solutions, is introducing ABBYY Mobile Capture, a software development kit (SDK) to enable end-to-end point-and-capture mobile experience.

The AI-enabled SDK frees the mobile user from manual data entry, which improves customer growth and retention for the business.

It creates a completely new frictionless user experience for all onboarding and data entry scenarios like sign-up, registration, and document input, supports organizations’ digital transformation and robotic process automation (RPA) strategies.

ABBYY Mobile Capture provides an enjoyable, barrier-free experience to the users of mobile applications in financial services, insurance, transportation and logistics, healthcare, and other industries. This way the SDK dramatically increases customer onboarding and retention rates, speeds up transactions, and improves customer loyalty.

Mobile Capture allows the user to enter all the necessary information into an app by simply pointing their camera at the document or text.

It combines ABBYY’s mobile technologies enabling applications to automatically and in real time extract text and data from documents and objects and capture the best quality image for further back-end processing.

It works for 63 languages on any background and includes out-of-the-box recognition of over 160 types of IDs, bank cards, MRZ, and IBAN.

For more information about this release, visit www.abbyy.com.

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