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ABBYY Introduces New Products to Identify Key Information from Documents

ABBYY is releasing two new language-based platforms to help businesses understand and act on complex, unstructured information. Based on Compreno, a natural-language processing technology, the two products, ABBYY InfoExtractor SDK and ABBYY Smart Classifier, are aimed at fostering the development of next-generation smart business process applications, according to ABBYY.

“Compreno as a technology has been in development for many years, but these are the first two products that we will be delivering to end customers,” said David Bayer, vice president of Compreno Suite at ABBYY. “It provides a very analogous level of insight but this time, not so much in terms of big data, in terms of meaning and extracting critical information from documents or organizing them.”

The ABBYY InfoExtractor SDK enables enterprise customers, as well as software developers, to automatically identify and extract entities and relationships from complex text documents. It uses facts and events to reconstruct the story lines in documents, providing insights that can directly impact business decisions and outcomes for professionals such as oil and gas land managers, patient care providers, or financial services risk managers. The SDK supports a variety of input formats, including Microsoft Word and XML, PDF, Tiff, JPEG and other graphic formats, enabling businesses to work within already established workflows.

The second product, ABBYY Smart Classifier, combines text- and semantic-based classification algorithms, a graphical model builder interface, and automatic optimization algorithms to make classification a powerful, dependable capability for information governance, email and content management, data migration and other critical processes. “To classify the documents based on their content you have to understand the document and then be able to produce the right topic,” Bayer said. “That’s why we have this powerful classification engine that now is made accessible through the model editor.” With REST APIs and support for 39 languages, including English, ABBYY Smart Classifier delivers classification to mitigate risk, ensure defensible retention policies, and organize large repositories to enhance information retrieval in global organizations, according to the vendor.

For more information about ABBYY’s two releases, visit www.abbyy.com

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