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Nucleus Cyber expands data protection for Microsoft Teams and Yammer

Nucleus Cyber, a provider of workplace data security solutions, has extended NC Protect’s data discovery, conditional access, and protection capabilities to Microsoft Teams and Yammer social collaboration tools to guard against insider threats, sensitive data misuse and exfiltration, as well as unauthorized file access and sharing.

According to Nucleus, the widespread adoption of Teams and Yammer for internal and external communication has dramatically increased the risk of malicious and inadvertent data misuse, sharing mishaps and breaches.

McKinsey has found that 72% of companies surveyed are using enterprise social tools, such as Teams, to facilitate employee communication. In addition, another study by Aware, employee collaboration messages are 144% more likely to contain confidential information, 165% more likely to contain identification numbers, and 6% more likely to contain passwords.

The fact that companies have embraced social collaboration tools also means these platforms are teeming with sensitive data from intellectual property to customer data, said Kurt Mueffelmann, CEO of Nucleus Cyber. The ability of NC Protect to now secure Microsoft Teams and Yammer content helps ensure that only authorized parties can access and share sensitive information, he noted.

NC Protect now extends its core content and context aware data protection controls available for SharePoint and Office 365 to the Teams and Yammer platforms. It dynamically adjusts access and protection to chat messages and file content within Teams and Yammer to ensure an organization’s sensitive data is being used, and shared, according to its unique regulations and policies.

For more information, visit www.nucleuscyber.com.

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