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Vaimo secures ecommerce services with Sumo Logic

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Vaimo, a digital commerce and omnichannel agency, has chosen Sumo Logic to provide security analytics for its ecommerce services.

Vaimo uses Sumo Logic to gather metrics and logs across its cloud operations, carry out analytics, and detect potential attacks on its infrastructure more efficiently.

The security analytics implementation has made it easier for the company to comply with security and compliance regulations such as the European Union’s GDPR and the standards set out by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

With Sumo Logic, Vaimo’s operational security team is more efficient and effective in its activities around data while also improving services for Vaimo’s retail clients too.

“For security, our team uses Sumo Logic to automate our analytics processes, significantly reducing the amount of work that was previously manual and making it easier to deliver actionable results. For example, we can apply machine learning-based pattern recognition, flag any deviations from normal activity for investigation, and make it harder for bad actors to disrupt clients,” said Fred Vaurs, security officer at Vaimo. “Previously, this would have required laborious work across multiple production applications and combing through individual files; with Sumo Logic, this work is automated and we can deliver value faster for our business, and for our clients.”

Sumo Logic works with Vaimo’s security operations teams at present, but the role for Sumo Logic is expanding within Vaimo over time as more teams see the potential around analytics for their use cases.

As one of the world’s largest Magento and Adobe Commerce Cloud providers working with more than 450 customer brands, Vaimo helps companies run successful business to business and business to consumer eCommerce sites.

With operations across 15 countries, Vaimo uses its own hybrid cloud to deliver services to customers. With more than 1,000 servers distributed worldwide alongside an integration with content delivery network provider Cloudflare, Vaimo required a security analytics platform that could gather all this machine data in one place and make it valuable for the business.

For more information, go to  www.sumologic.com and www.vaimo.com.

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