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Talend helps healthcare analytics company gain insights from real-world data in the cloud

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Decision Resources Group (DRG), a provider of healthcare data, analytics, and insights products and services, is using Talend Cloud to power its Real World Data Platform, a comprehensive claims and electronic health record repository that covers more than 90% of the U.S. healthcare system.

Together with Talend and Snowflake’s cloud data warehouse, DRG built a trusted single source of truth for its customers to understand the market, optimize patient access to treatments, and engage with both patients and physicians.

To extend its competitive edge, DRG needed to organize and combine a number of healthcare data sources, analyze information faster, and deliver more insightful analysis via several channels. With Talend Cloud, DRG has been able to scale up and succeed in the fast-growing analytics area of healthcare market intelligence. 

Healthcare data isn’t always stored in a structured way, so DRG has to analyze millions of records and group data to get a picture of our sphere of influence, said Sven Junkergard, CTO, DRG.  Talend drives all of that in the cloud—algorithms get coded and executed in the Talend environment—and enables DRG to better serve its patients and physicians, Junkergard noted. The result, he said, is that Talend is keeping the company at the cutting edge of healthcare data management by integrating new technologies as they become popular, without the need for retooling.

In working with Talend, DRG says it is now 150% more productive and can support five times as many users, at no extra cost. Within 3 months of using Talend’s solutions, the company was able to onboard more than 100TB of data to its system to support its various services. DRG’s IT staff now serves a large number of users who get their answers faster, which enables them to deliver products and services to market sooner.

For more information, go to www.talend.com and https://decisionresourcesgroup.com.

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