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Suits and suites at Brooks Brothers

Renowned clothing retailer Brooks Brothers, which opened its first store in New York City in 1818, isn't shy about using new technology to advance its longtime tradition of selling quality clothing.

To improve its online marketing and merchandising, Brooks Brothers is deploying WebSideStory's Active Marketing Suite. The retailer has been using WebSideStory's Web analytics service, called HBX Analytics, since 2001 to understand online visitor and customer behavior and to increase overall marketing return on investment. Now it will deploy WebSideStory's site search application, called WebSideStory Search (formerly Atomz Search), to provide faster and more relevant product search results. Other suite components include keyword bid management and Web content management.

"The fact that HBX Analytics and Search are completely hosted and integrated was a big plus for us," says Lillian Posner, director of e-commerce for Brooks Brothers. "There are strong synergies between the two products that will help us better serve customers and increase sales. There are also obvious advantages of working with a single vendor and a single point of contact."

According to WebSideStory, HBX Analytics provides insight into customer behavior, including gauging the response to a marketing campaign, increasing site conversions and pinpointing online revenue-enhancing opportunities. Search, it says, enables marketers to guide and influence site visitors in finding the products and services they want.

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