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Sub Rosa Law picks iManage Cloud

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Sub Rosa Law, a boutique law firm based in Miami that provides an international client base with specialized estate planning services, has selected iManage Cloud and iManage Work 10 for its work product management needs.

iManage Cloud delivers work product management capabilities with scalable, reliable performance and features specifically designed for professionals. The iManage Cloud is built on the latest technologies adopted by the largest cloud vendors to provide elastic compute and storage with uninterrupted services using a continuous automated delivery model.

iManage Work is an email and document management system that enables access from anywhere, on any device, in a single user experience. Designed by professionals for professionals, iManage Work 10 features new enhancements to make it easier for users to collaborate with their team and stakeholders in a secure and governed manner.

The combination of powerful functionality and affordability was a draw for the smaller, recently founded firm.

Given the complicated nature of the estate planning documents that Sub Rosa Law creates for its clients, strong versioning capabilities are essential. iManage Work’s smart timelines make it easy to access prior versions and understand how a document has evolved and who has changed or viewed it.

Sub Rosa Law’s founding partners envisioned a new kind of boutique law firm that would leverage best-in-class technology to:

  • Support a team of lawyers working anywhere on any device
  • Include robust search and versioning features to help manage complex document lifecycles
  • Be simple to use and deploy in the cloud, delivering high performance while eliminating the need for specialized IT staff
  • Serve as a true differentiator enabling a practice of their size to compete against larger firms and attract associates eager to leverage technology to provide agile, client-focused service

“We were always intent on running a lean and mean operation with low overhead,” said Michael Rosenblum, founding partner and principal, Sub Rosa Law. “iManage Cloud fits into that strategy perfectly. We want to be smart with how we spend our money and deploy our resources, to get technology that will deliver the most value for us and our clients. I would give up my office space before I gave up using iManage."

For more information, go to www.subrosa.law and https://imanage.com.

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