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An Italian heating supply company is warming up its client and partner relationships through new portal initiatives. Riello Group (riellogroup.com) has chosen software from BroadVision (broadvision.com), including BroadVision InfoExchange Portal and BroadVision Business Commerce, to power the new system.

Says Pierpaolo Di Franco, coordinator of Riello's e-business projects, "We chose these business portal applications because they offer an integrated set of capabilities that support and satisfy our business requirements—offering Riello partners and operators worldwide the ability to operate independently and seamlessly. We have been able to create a portal environment that integrates the various internal processes of the company and then makes them available to the different communities within our various lines of business."

The system provides employees of the Riello Group, as well as its suppliers, clients, installers and project designers, with an enterprise portal that gives them self-service access to product information and real-time collaboration capabilities. It's Riello's first corporate portal. Says Sandra Vaughan, senior VP of marketing for BroadVision, "We're confident that Riello will continue to realize substantial returns on its investment in e-business."

Riello has more than 80 years of experience in the heating and oil combustion business, supplying heating applications and services in the residential market. It's made up of various companies, including Riello Burners, Beretta Boilers, Sylber, Chauffage Francais, Thermital and Vokera

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