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Safer in the field

The United States Marine Corps relies on its armored vehicles to help keep it safe. Deployed in hazardous, remote locations today, Marines certainly don't want to be compromised by faulty equipment. Any missteps or mechanical malfunctions only enhance their vulnerability.

The Marines Corps will deploy technology from Enigma to ease maintenance of its light armored vehicles (LAVs) running in the field. The Corps will implement Class 4 Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs), built on Enigma's 3C support chain platform, to its full contingent of 770 LAVs. The IETMs provide immediate access to the service manuals and parts catalogs for all eight models of LAVs used by the Marine Corps and will tie into on-board diagnostic and configuration management systems, as well as parts ordering and inventory systems, according to a recent news release from Enigma.

The new system will draw content from 18,000 pages of documentation, including 70 manuals and parts catalogs, into a single, integrated support solution for the LAVs. Linked to the on-board diagnostics systems, an IETM takes readings directly from sensors that detect equipment malfunctions and performance problems and, by using the fault code, can streamline maintenance by automatically providing the specific troubleshooting and repair procedures. When replacement parts are required, the crew can order them directly through the application, which executes an electronic order requisition consistent with U.S. Department of Defense specifications.

To ensure that each LAV has customized support, the IETM pulls content directly from a configuration management system, giving crew members the ability to see the information related to their specific vehicle configuration and any modifications or planned modifications for an individual LAV. In addition, the IETM lets users specify their level of maintenance proficiency, modifies the delivery of information accordingly and tracks the changes and repair they make. Consequently, content is always tailored to the knowledge level of the user and is based on real-time updates from the field.

"By enabling access to the right information at the right time, we are streamlining the extremely critical repair and maintenance process," says Jonathan, Yaron, Enigma CEO. "In this instance, we are helping to support hundreds of vehicles deployed around the world, under a variety of circumstances, in a range of models and configurations, and with or without trained maintenance crews."

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