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Prestige Consumer Healthcare leverages Ketch

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Prestige Consumer Healthcare (PCH) has chosen Ketch to empower to address privacy initiatives. PCH wanted to strike the balance of leveraging data for growth while protecting and preserving the “data dignity” of its consumers.

PCH is a U.S. company that markets and distributes over-the-counter health and personal care products, including Dramamine and Clear Eyes. For generations, PCH’s trusted brands have helped consumers care for themselves and their loved ones. It is the company’s mission to preserve consumer trust by continuing to provide products stewarded with consumers’ needs in mind. 

Ketch is a data control company for programmatic privacy and governance. The company was founded in 2020 by data management veterans and serial entrepreneurs who built and scaled enterprise systems for world-leaders, including Salesforce and Microsoft. Ketch’s “Deploy Once, Comply and Secure Everywhere” architecture delivers comprehensive data privacy, governance, and security to organizations seeking to protect data, build trust with consumers, and compete in data-driven markets.

PCH chose to leverage Ketch to help deliver the right privacy experience at the right time, while ensuring a stringent standard of consumer trust and data protection. With Ketch’s first-to-market purpose-driven approach, Ketch will deliver on continued global data privacy compliance, allowing PCH to scale its brands for growth that is not sacrificed at the expense of robust global data privacy compliance. 

PCH also selected Ketch for its orchestration capabilities. With Ketch, PCH can honor consumer consent and data requests no matter what channel or device its consumers use to interact with PCH brands. Ketch can also tether the firing of tags of services like LinkedIn or Facebook to PCH’s consumers’ consent options, for a seamless and continual consumer opt-out compliance. PCH’s leverage of Ketch’s consent and rights orchestration allows for real-time privacy legal and regulatory compliance while ensuring seamless enforcement of consumer privacy choices across the company’s global internal and external third-party systems, fostering the PCH core business value of trust.  

"We're excited to partner with leading, innovative companies like PCH, who embrace people's data privacy, while maintaining the opportunity for data-driven growth—building value while honoring values,” said Jonathan Joseph, head of solutions, Ketch. 

For more information, go to www.prestigebrands.com and www.ketch.com

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