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Out with the old; in with the new

To power and manage its global and regional shipments, DuPont Global Logistics is retiring its mainframe legacy applications and replacing them with Internet-based technology.

G-Log’s e-logistics and transportation technology will be used by DuPont to improve logistics efficiency, provide order visibility and enhance customer service, according to Jerry Donnelly, director of DuPont Global Logistics.

The new system also creates “a single, centralized logistics data warehouse database for more than 1 million complex, multi-modal, multi-leg worldwide shipments per year,” he adds. DuPont is the nation’s largest exporter of containerized freight, according to a news release from G-Log.

“The knowledge intensity of a unified global database,” says Donnelly, “will enable DuPont customers and businesses, freight forwarders, customs brokers, third-party logistics companies and carriers to more accurately predict delivery dates and track the progress of shipments. Improved information will enable our customers and DuPont to reduce inventories and costs.”

Logistics information will now be accessible on a global basis through an Internet browser to those granted access, including customers and suppliers. DuPont businesses will gain flexibility and better access to global logistics data without higher information technology costs, according to G-Log.

Says Adrian Gonzalez, a senior analyst at ARC Advisory Group, “In today’s highly competitive environment, leading corporations such as DuPont are quickly realizing that investing in next-generation logistics and transportation solutions will not only reduce distribution costs, but also improve customer satisfaction, a critical metric for success.”

Founded nearly two centuries ago, DuPont is a science company that provides products in the areas of food and nutrition, healthcare, apparel, home and construction, electronics and transportation. It operates in 70 countries and has 94,000 employees.

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