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Mapping and geospatial analytics software company future-proofs digital foundation

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Esri, a mapping and geospatial analytics software company, has migrated to Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service. “When you’re building new website experiences the creative team first designs the new web components. Then developers spend time on developing those components before actually updating the site experience,” said Steve Schultz, Esri’s head of marketing technology. “Anything we can do to reduce that development time and be able to more quickly build out site experiences and iterate on that multiple times is worth the investment.”

According to Schultz, it only took just 12 weeks to upgrade to Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service from AEM 6.4, a migration which has typically taken months if not years. Switching to a cloud-native service allows for “cleaner” updates and the Esri team expects to always be on the most up-to-date version moving forward, eliminating the need for lengthy upgrades and downtime.

Since the deployment of Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service, Esri’s development time has improved by 20%-50%. And, Schultz said, there’s a much better “code-checking process” when pushing out new code or new components to the cloud. Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service has Adobe’s own QA process built into it.

Esri is also using Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Advertising Cloud, and Adobe Audience Manager (DMP). The tight integration across the solutions gives the company much better insights (via Adobe Analytics), which Schultz said he hopes to use in the future for personalization (via Adobe Target).  Esri expects it will be able to better understand its audience better through its data management platform (Adobe Audience Manager) as well, Schultz said. Adobe’s platform allows Esri to be more tightly integrated and supports better data-driven decisions based on that integration, added Schultz, who noted that this year the company plans to focus on greater personalization.

For more information about Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service, go to www.adobe.com/marketing/experience-manager/cloud-service.html.

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