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KMS Lighthouse helps Israel-based mental health association continue working seamlessly during pandemic

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Israel-based Enosh has continued its vital work in the mental health field during the COVID-19 pandemic with the help of KMS Lighthouse.

Founded in 1978, Enosh is the largest mental health organization in Israel and delivers comprehensive community-based rehabilitation programs in the domains of supportive housing, employment, and socialization and family counseling centers. The organization is also involved with early intervention efforts through innovative programs for youth. Over the years, Enosh has spearheaded significant changes in mental health legislation rights and service delivery and is bringing its expertise to the forefront of the local and global mental health agenda.

KMS Lighthouse is a provider of knowledge management solutions. It is dedicated to providing smarter and better ways for organizations to offer more rewarding experiences for employees and customers. Its knowledge management solutions help drive better business interactions while simplifying communications and providing agents, employees, and customers with real-time access to accurate and consistent knowledge. With a digital knowledge management solution such as the one KMS Lighthouse provides, non-profits and NGOs (non-governmental organizations) can mitigate risk, increase efficiency, support training, and realize better outcomes.

Dr. Hilla Hadas, the executive director of Enosh, realized that the organization needed a tool to help it function efficiently as a modern non-profit.

Enosh has more than 900 employees that deliver mental health services nationwide. To be able to continue to reach is more than 7,000 service users daily, the non-profit made the decision to invest in knowledge management software. Hadas recognized the significance of having organizational knowledge available on demand to all mental health professionals to provide access to professional knowledge, improve communication, and create a platform for readiness for emergencies.

As a result, when the COVID-19 pandemic initially hit, the Enosh team found itself prepared to handle the new reality of hybrid work.

“Our aim was that all of our professional teams could get the needed information in real-time,” said Hadas. The system, she added, had to “be very intuitive to the people who used it,” as “they are not technical staff, but do psychosocial work.” To continue their work uninterrupted during a global pandemic, it was essential to have a tool comparable to people’s personal mobile experiences, and “KMS Lighthouse was the perfect one for this.”

For more information, go to www.enosh.org.il/en/english and www.kmslh.com.



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