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IBM helps Prysmian Group accelerate digital transformation

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Prysmian Group has selected IBM Services to help expand and manage its global technological infrastructure. Prysmian Group, headquartered in Milan, is an energy and telecom cable systems industry vendor and the largest manufacturer of cables in the world.

With the acquisition of an American cable manufacturing company, General Cable, in 2018, Prysmian Group seeks to fully integrate the information systems of the two companies to support flexible, efficient and secure digitization of processes and products that drive the international growth of the business. As part of this effort, Prysmian Group will migrate its SAP workloads to IBM Cloud to leverage technologies including AI, IoT, and human augmentation.

Prysmian Group's 3-year agreement with IBM also includes services for the management of the global Prysmian IT environment. With the new infrastructure in place Prysmian Group anticipates high levels of service in terms of availability and reliability, as well as enterprise-grade security.

According to the companies, IBM will provide and manage a modern IT infrastructure with a global delivery model and service levels, manage the integration of the existing legacy IT infrastructures, and also move Prysmian Group's SAP S/4HANA, the company's ERP platform, onto SAP-certified physical and virtual appliances on IBM Cloud.

"The important acquisition of General Cable required focus on the integration of processes and the digitalization of products. This represents our differentiation from our competitors," said Stefano Brandinali, CIO and chief digital officer of Prysmian Group. "To tackle this challenging task we have chosen IBM as our global technology provider to help drive ongoing transformation within the organization. IBM brings its industry experience to support the development of a modern IT infrastructure based on IBM Cloud."

For more information, go to www.prysmiangroup.com/en and www.ibm.com/cloud.

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