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Hastings Mutual democratizes information access

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Hastings Mutual has tapped into the power of Sisense to support its transformation into a data-directed organization. Since deploying the Sisense Fusion Platform, Hastings Mutual has experienced a 2% increase in revenue, and discovered more than $50 million in potential upsell opportunities.

A provider of insurance since 1885, Hastings Mutual provides commercial, personal, and farm insurance regionally in the MidWest.

Sisense is a provider of an AI-driven platform for infusing analytics everywhere.

Hastings Mutual wanted to democratize information to support effective business decisions and processes. Prior to engaging Sisense, the team was using static mainframe reports based on data that was 30-45 days old. The team needed a solution that would increase speed to insight, accelerate their time to market, and organize and present data in a way that would make it easier for end users to understand data sources and relationships and allow them to build their own dashboard visualizations.

Hastings Mutual recorded immediate results with its first Sisense use case in the commercial underwriting area, with an increase of 2% in revenue. Through the agency platform, the company was also able to identify upsell opportunities worth over $50 million for their agency partners.

In addition, Hastings Mutual embedded Sisense analytics into its agency portal, to create visualizations of an independent insurance agency’s book of business including where things stand with premiums, losses, and plans. This provides Hastings Mutual’s business partners with a complete financial picture of their on-going business with Hastings Mutual. Information about upcoming renewals and potential business upsell opportunities helps partner agencies drive retention and growth.

The company has also been able to use geospatial insights like weather with data from NOAA, which resulted in more than $150,000 in cost avoidance annually.

“Sisense offered not only the next generation of analytics, but also the solid data modeling capabilities that our team needed to take the business to the next level, coupled with an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that democratizes data by putting analytics back in the hands of the users,” said Randy Sykes, Hastings Mutual’s IT director of data services. “Sisense has been an integral part of our whole data strategy, where we not only look at where the data is coming from, but also examine how to put data into the hands of the decision makers.”

For more information, go to www.hastingsmutual.com  and www.sisense.com.  

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