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GoodData assists TownNews with data analytics for media data

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TownNews, a provider of content management systems and platforms for local media organizations in the U.S., is relying on GoodData, a provider of end-to-end analytics solutions, to help it tap into data insights about content, audience, and engagement.

TownNews deployed GoodData technology to launch “Data Insights” to give TownNews’ media customers robust new tools for gathering, understanding, and acting upon the multitude of data that impacts their businesses. TownNews serves more than 2,000 newspaper, TV, radio, and web-native news organizations, and produces about a billion page views a month and 24 million rows of data.

“Our customers have so much data that 'analysis paralysis' can set in,” said Brad Ward, CEO of TownNews. “With Data Insights, we pull data from a variety of different silos, and present it in a way that makes it understandable and actionable.”

Data Insights help to draw connections between the media company's core business products—videos, articles, and other content—and the revenue that's generated from those products.

By understanding how each piece of content influences revenue, media organizations can make more informed decisions regarding content, advertising rates, and staffing.

“Media companies are awash in data, but being able to make sense of it is the ultimate challenge for them, as it is for any company,” said Zdenek Svoboda, co-founder and vice president of product, GoodData. “Our technology enables deep insight that drives informed decision-making, and media companies will most certainly benefit.”

According to TownNews, several early Data Insights customers have already seen a return on investment after discovering that they weren’t getting the optimal advertising revenue that was available to them.

For more information, go to www.gooddata.com  and https://townnews.com.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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