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Flow Insurance builds flood insurance marketplace with INSTANDA

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Flow Insurance is launching its flood insurance marketplace with the help of INSTANDA’s complete digital platform. In just five months, Flow and INSTANDA built a flood marketplace where agents can compare quotes from up to six insurers side-by-side, along with the NFIP rates.

Agents can not only quote coverage but also bind applications and service policies. Six months after initial launch, Flow already supports business across 28 states, and counting.

“We’re thrilled to see Flow’s success creating not just a flood comparative rater, but a complete digital marketplace for flood insurance. We can’t wait to see their growth and success as they take the flood market by storm,” said Tim Hardcastle, INSTANDA’s co-founder and CEO.

In the last decade, flood losses cost a staggering $99 billion, yet only 18% of global economic losses from flood events were insured. With better-quality data and more advanced modelling, insurers can build products with comprehensive coverage for flood risks, helping policyholders find the protection they need, according to the vendors.

Flow built their digital marketplace with a mission to enable agents to match policyholders with the best coverage. With the marketplace, agents no longer need to quote with multiple carriers across multiple platforms or go through long quote flows only to find out their flood application was declined; it’s all available in Flow’s agent portal.
“Our goal is to empower agents to easily find and choose the best coverage for their customers and provide the best branding for our partners. With INSTANDA, we offer both in one easy-to-use platform. We could not be happier with the platform we built together,” said Michael Pallas, co-founder of Flow Insurance.
Abbe Sultan, co-founder of Flow added that feedback from agents has been exceptional. “They find the platform to be intuitive and easy to use. Providing multiple options means they get the best rate and flexible coverage,” he said.

For more information about this news, visit https://flowinsurance.com or www.instanda.com.

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