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Deutsche Bank selects NetDocuments

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Deutsche Bank, a German bank with European roots and a significant presence globally, especially in the Americas and Asia-Pacific region, has chosen NetDocuments as its new global document management system (DMS)

NetDocuments provides a cloud-based content services platform for law firms, corporate legal teams, and compliance departments.

The NetDocuments cloud platform will be utilized by Deutsche Bank’s global legal, located in 27 countries, with plans for future growth and scale. Deutsche Bank will also be implementing NetDocuments ndMail, AI/machine learning-based predictive email filing technology, as well as NetDocuments OCR for advanced document and image management.

As part of its technology review and evaluation, Deutsche Bank’s global legal team challenged NetDocuments to address current as well as future growth, security, and extensibility in particular.

Deutsche Bank was looking for a scalable cloud platform to accommodate potentially future growth. NetDocuments' security and compliance-as-a-service solutions are critical for clients due to the complexity of working in different regulatory environments across the globe. NetDocuments maintains the highest level of security and governance accreditations and certifications and meets the most stringent global security requirements through unique capabilities including entropic encryption, data striping across data centers and data residency for sovereignty purposes. Deutsche Bank will be leveraging NetDocuments’ new data centers located in Germany operational in early 2020.

In addition, NetDocuments' open architecture and API design is built for extensibility and will allow Deutsche Bank to build on top of the cloud platform to expand and add new functionality. The NetDocuments platform enables Deutsche Bank to digitally share documents anywhere, anytime in a secure setting.

“With this innovative document management system we have found an effective and modern platform which also ensures the highest security and governance standards," said Stefan Simon, chief administrative officer of Deutsche Bank and senior group director. "It will provide our lawyers with the tools and information they need to ensure more efficiency in their daily business around the globe and share knowledge with colleagues.”

NetDocuments is working very closely with Deutsche Bank’s Legal Digitalization Team as well as its IT groups to design a best in class DMS user experience with security and regulatory requirements at the forefront.

For more information, go to www.db.com and www.netdocuments.com.

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