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Chen Moore and Associates leverages Peer Software for fast file access performance for distributed teams

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Peer Software announced that Chen Moore and Associates (CMA), a firm that specializes in civil engineering, is leveraging Peer Software’s Global File Service (PeerGFS) to simplify file management and increase productivity for distributed teams.

PeerGFS provides Chen Moore’s team, including many CAD users, with fast, local access to shared project files, while ensuring critical file transfer systems are always on, and that employees, customers, and business partners experience seamless availability of applications and information through planned or unplanned outages.

Founded in 1986, Chen Moore and Associates (CMA) Inc. has grown into a highly regarded multi-disciplinary firm. CMA’s areas of expertise include utility infrastructure, roadway, site development, electrical, planning, landscape architecture, and construction engineering services for both private and public sector clients.

With more than 130 employees, the firm is committed to providing responsive quality services while meeting the schedules and specific project needs of its clients. CMA’s engineers develop and manage image heavy CAD designs for its clients that include municipalities, government agencies and private land developers.

However, its existing Distributed File System was causing outages, failing to properly support cloud services, and proved to be too slow and unreliable to efficiently manage client workloads.

Additionally, with hurricanes prevalent in CMA’s headquarters and remote offices, emergency redundancy is a priority to reduce risk across its business.

“We have project teams dispersed all over the country and we needed a distributed file locking system that can replicate copies of data across offices,” said Todd Nochomson, CAD manager, Chen Moore and Associates. “In addition, being in Florida we needed a replication solution for emergency redundancy including hurricanes. If an office is without power or devastated by a storm, we wanted redundancy in our data and the ability to connect to another office. Peer Software checked all the boxes to help us achieve our business continuity goals.”

Key benefits of PeerGFS include:

  • Synchronize file servers and/or Enterprise NAS storage systems between cloud-zones/cities or countries for disaster recovery capabilities.
  • Synchronize two or more locations to accommodate failover and provide users fast local access to their project data.
  • Deploy an enterprise file sharing system with built-in file locking for version integrity.

“Interruptions and delays in service for users either accessing their sessions or data has a negative impact on productivity and can increase costs, especially if a data center location experiences an outage,” said Jimmy Tam, CEO, Peer Software. “PeerGFS enables a truly active-active, highly available data set across multiple branch office and data center locations to minimize RTO and RPO in disaster scenarios, with the additional benefit of facilitating failover as well as load balancing of end-user profile and application data. We look forward to partnering with the Chen Moore team as their business and data storage needs evolve.”

For more information about this news, visit www.peersoftware.com.

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