How Analytics can boost the ROI of your Intranet Portal

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As large enterprises and organizations continue to focus on the importance of their intranet environments, it’s clear that the ability to track usage has become highly relevant in order to understand, adapt, and constantly improve these platforms. Whether or not your organization is using an on-site or cloud-based intranet portal, there are a variety of analytics software in the market that will help maximize productivity. These tools can assist your organization in getting the most out of your portal investment. If you’re searching for a high-quality analytics tool, you should search for one that enables you to improve the usability of your intranet, drives portal collaboration, boosts your ROI, and enhances the overall productivity of your business.

By understanding which analytic reports are available and how to use them properly, your intranet stakeholders can guide, track and analyze usage effectively. The long term benefit is reducing the level of guessing games around what might be happening within your Intranet portal.

Goal Planning in Intranet Portals & Analytics: 

This post aims to guide businesses in understanding both the planning stages of their Intranet implementation and the reports essential for assisting a successful implementation.  So how is this done exactly?

Acquiring Real Data Statistics and Concrete Results with Analytics Tools

Usage analytic reports will help you to understand how your portal design and structure is being utilized by your end users, enabling you to take more educated decisions in the continuing development of your Intranet implementation.

Transform Your Portal Vision and Usage

1.   Have you and your organization taken the time to set goals and plan an implementation and adoption strategy for your
      Intranet portal
2.   Are employees using the portal because you’ve set out a list of goals to accomplish?
3.   How will you know when the Intranet portal is reaching business goal heights or plummeting to its doom?

An intranet portal installation is a significant investment for your organization.  This portal should function as a facilitator for the collaboration, communication and productivity efforts of your organization’s teams. Therefore, it’s necessary to think about the planning required to ensure the return on investment is realized before blindly purchasing software without a plan of action.

Sink Your Teeth into Intranet Analytics

Utilizing an analytics tool that can generate visitor, navigation, content, search, and a variety of other reports will improve your understanding of how end users utilize your Intranet portal. Questions to consider that will aid this process include:

  • What is the status of your Intranet site’s overall growth, adoption rate, and productivity levels?
  • When are your organization’s periods of increased and decreased usage?
  • Why there are slower periods within the portal’s usage stats?
  • Which users are dominating the playing field within the portal?
  • What kind of content is most commonly contributed?
  • What kind of information are users actually looking for within your portal’s search activity?

A clear understanding of your intranet internal dynamics is vital in the continuing development of the implementation of the portal, so that it’s ensuring that the Intranet Portal is meeting the users’ information needs and working to aid collaboration and productivity. One analytics report at a time, your organization can truly develop a keen understanding of your portal activity in the most coherent and comprehensive manner.

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