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Fueling Sales and Marketing with Presentation Management

Humans process images 60,000 times faster than they do text, which is why visualization is so important. Visualizing slides lets employees scan through and find specific slides, images, videos, or whatever asset they are looking for quickly, eliminating the painfully time-sucking task of digging through networks and emails looking for the right file.

With presentation management, employees don’t have to spend countless hours creating 20-slide presentations that will only be used once. Instead, it lets the entire team develop, edit and improve an army’s worth of company assets, that can be used over and over again, and updated as needed. The files remain relevant and effective, making both employees and business growth more productive.

Compliance Ensured

Compliance refers to both content and function—who gets access to the content and how are they allowed to use it. Whether it’s sales meetings, research results, product rollout plans, or earnings reports, an organization’s most sensitive assets often make their way into presentation decks. That’s why, when investing in presentation management, it’s so critical to provide proper permissions depending on employee status and job role, guaranteeing that your team members each have the proper information that they need to do their jobs well.

At the “content” level, the company needs to be able to control who accesses which files and how they can be presented. They can repurpose files and slides, and mix and match them in a new presentation, giving users the flexibility they need to speak on their prospects’ terms. Compliant content also refers to forced messaging, required by regulatory bodies and or the brand management team. For example, in the finance and healthcare industries, disclosure statements are legally required with certain messages. A sound presentation management strategy will ensure that all of your team members across the globe are including those statements.

Functional compliance addresses what specific employees or presentation recipients can actually do with the asset—whether that be access, download, edit, share or print—and for what period of time.

With a presentation management strategy, organizations have complete control over all of their content, while the team in the field has the flexibility it needs to customize presentations for the individual meetings.  

Sales and Work Hours Optimized

Presentations feature the best thinking from a company’s brightest and best performers who shouldn’t be wasting their time searching for specific statistics and piecing together one-off presentation decks.

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