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Biographical Information

AlexAnndra Ontra

Co-founder and president of Shufflrr

AlexAnndra Ontra is the co-founder and president of Shufflrr, where she collaborates with clients to help establish an efficient presentation management strategy within their organizations. She has empowered hundreds of Fortune-level companies, to transform basic PowerPoint slides into vital business assets. Before founding Shufflrr, Ontra developed high-profile presentations for clients such as Epcot Center, the NBA, and Mercedes-Benz where she developed her creative, hands-on approach to helping clients drive their businesses.

Articles by AlexAnndra Ontra

Fueling Sales and Marketing with Presentation Management

Large organizations use presentations to drive their business. Whether it be sales team members pitching potential prospects or internal marketing documents used to inform employees about brand updates, presentations are crucial to the success of every business. A sound presentation management strategy optimizes all stages of the workflow associated with presentations, and lets executives and managers view the entire process as a "presentation loop."