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The challenge of Enterprise Search in Virtual Environments
Virtualization is gaining critical mass in the enterprise. IDC reports that nearly all new data centers being implemented by enterprises are virtualized. While there are many compelling benefits associated with this trend, one emerging and serious challenge is the search and retrieval of the often terabytes of data residing in enterprise private clouds and other virtual environments. Traditional, hardware appliance based enterprise search solutions are ill-suited to operate within a virtual environment's elastic network of machines, dynamically provisioning computing resources such as server time and network storage.

The fundamental architectures of leading enterprise search solutions are non-starters for virtual data centers.  Some were developed and configured toward a monolithic processing schema designed for a single, expensive appliance, while others are too tightly integrated, and thus cannot be easily decoupled from third party databases and OEM technology. Regardless of the specific architecture, the result is often weeks, if not months for implementation, as well as a continual resource drain, requiring human interaction for each successive instance.

In order to achieve scalability and leverage a virtual data center's economies of scale, the search solution must install, index and operate in the domain where the data resides, all without requiring human interaction for each new instance. Just as important, the solution must be modular and malleable enough to contend with rapidly changing virtualized environments. 2013 will see organizations recognize the challenges of global virtual data centers, and focus on thoughtful virtualization integration and search strategies, empowering end users to drive revenues for the organization.

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