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View From The Top: empolis

Imagine a world where people can make the best possible decisions and improve their business processes because they have easy and convenient instant access to all relevant data, including unstructured data such as emails, SMS, documents, service notes, blogs, web forum, reviews and other postings.

We are actively shaping this vision as the Semantic Web has begun to establish itself and is making information more useful than ever. Major companies have recognized the importance and are investing in projects to improve internal operations and effectiveness of Go-To-Market Strategies and their product development. The power of the Semantic Web has been recognized by other firms who apply the technology to improve B2B relations and create underlying information access and analysis for innovative consumer services. In addition, direct consumer applications benefit from these developments.

Being appointed to the KMWorld list of "100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management" confirms that we are among the leaders in the field of semantic technologies. empolis solutions support the complete process from creation to use of information and supplies users with relevant knowledge to advance business optimization. Through its semantic based business applications, empolis leverages organizations to drive business processes and improve customer relationships. Hence, the motto "The right information, to the right person, at the right time". We will further develop and strengthen this competence in the coming months. Additional technologies will gradually be integrated and this will open up completely new opportunities for us.

Contact: info@empolis.com
Web: www.empolis.com

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