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View From The Top: Xythos Software

Choosing an enterprise content management (ECM) solution that focuses on the needs of businesses and users is most likely to provide the cost-savings benefits that are critical in today’s challenging economy. Web optimized solutions can also provide organizations with the competitive edge they’ll need to compete and win in the future. Xythos delivers proven customer success with ECM solutions designed to work in any environment—as a service (SaaS) or an on-premise application

Xythos offers the same cost-saving benefits of traditional ECM systems without the high cost and complexity. That means organizations can begin using Xythos to web-enable business processes, reduce operating costs and quickly become a more efficient, real-time organizations. IT teams appreciate Xythos because it helps them better manage and protect content whether it’s created on a Mac, in Windows or even stored in SharePoint. Xythos includes the content storage virtualization technology that can help eliminate hundreds of file servers and still meet advanced security compliance requirements.

A steady partner for tumultuous times, Xythos is a recognized leader in the ECM market and part of Blackboard, (BBBB) the world’s largest learning management software vendor with over 5,200 clients and 20 million users worldwide. If you’re seeking an open-standards based solution from a vendor you can trust, why not talk to Xythos? We don’t let technology get in the way of managing and sharing content. We work with what you’ve already got for maximum return on investment.

Discover how you can get started with Xythos today. Visit www.xythos.com and learn how Xythos is making online document management safer and easier for everyone.

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