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View From The Top: Teragram

Teragram, A Division of SAS is the leading provider of linguistic technologies and automatic metadata generation solutions. Teragram provides fast and scalable linguistic and information retrieval technologies for all European, Middle-Eastern and Asian languages including: automatic categorization, taxonomy management, ontology management, entity extraction, information retrieval and extraction. Teragram is also an OEM provider of enabling linguistic technologies, such as: linguistic pattern matching, stemming, tokenization, word segmentation, language identification, Unicode support, spelling correction, parsing and semantic analysis. Teragram linguistic technologies solutions enable enterprises to manage their information content efficiently:

  • Teragram Linguistic Suite enables information retrieval software vendors to expand their solutions to European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets.
  • Teragram Automatic Categorization allows users to organize their content into industry-predefined taxonomies or into categories based on auto-categorization. Tightly integrating categorization with search allows users to effectively navigate. The intuitive development environment, coupled with its efficient run-time system and dynamic category browser, ensures fast delivery of high quality, precise results.
  • Teragram Entities and Events Extraction automatically extracts information from documents. It extracts entities (people’s names, companies, locations …) and events (mergers, acquisitions …) to automatically identify relevant information and create documents metadata.
  • Teragram Semantic Term Management solution provides easy creation and management of ontologies. It enables management of content and maintenance of ontologies in enterprise content repositories and databases.
  • Teragram Real-Time Alerts personalizes your content for each of your users and provides alert notification services based on your users’ interest profiles.

For more information: www.teragram.com617.576.6800

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