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View From The Top: QL2

Enterprises face an arduous challenge: ensuring business and customer-related decisions are based upon accurate market and consumer data. In tough times there are only two types of businesses: the quick and the dead! Those that survive and thrive are the adaptive enterprises who are laser focused on delivering quality products at the most competitive prices.

Information on the current external market is essential for enterprises to confidently make long-term strategic business decisions that will position them as profitable and pragmatic leaders. Traditional methods of acquiring information on product and price mix, competitive positioning and consumer preferences are time consuming and produce data that is almost instantly out of date and inaccurate. In a contracting economy, time is of the essence. QL2 answers the call for quick and accurate data access.

QL2 is the leading provider of demand driven data access, aggregation and delivery services. QL2 enables companies to make sense and derive value from the sea of data on the web. The QL2 platform automates the manual process of gathering competitive and business intelligence from the web, delivering manageable and actionable data on demand. QL2 provides access to accurate, up to date data on competitors, product and pricing information, market preferences and buying trends for a holistic view of shifting marketplaces.

Over 250 clients in 38 countries rely on QL2 for reliable, accurate, reusable data. QL2’s clients include more than 100 airlines, 3 of the top 5 global pharmaceuticals, and market leaders in retail, life sciences and information services.

Phone: 800-750-8830
Email: sales@QL2.com
Web: www.QL2.com

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