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View From The Top: Mindbreeze

Daniel Fallmann Managing Director

Global enterprises store terabytes of text and data.

It is no secret that finding relevant, current information is increasingly difficult. Advanced search technology is needed to extract relevant knowledge from the available data sources and make it possible for a system user to find what’s needed to help make informed decisions.

Mindbreeze offers high-performance enterprise search for mid-sized and large enterprises using open standards. Our engineers have developed context-enriching indexing services available without custom coding or time consuming set up.

Enterprise search without iron-clad security is an incomplete solution. Mindbreeze Enterprise Search displays only results a particular user is authorized to access.

Enterprise search is mainly a technical task. We have developed a solution that can be installed quickly, thus reducing the expensive installation processes. The Mindbreeze Search Appliance can be up and running in a matter of hours.

With the recent release of our Mobile Client, authorized users can tap the knowledge resident in an organization with the same speed, ease of access, and security delivered from a notebook or desktop computer. Our Mobile Client delivers flexible information access anytime and anywhere. Our technology makes other third-party application data available to a mobile user, unlocking its value.

We offer the Mindbreeze Enterprise InApp for independent software vendors (ISVs), system integrators and software developers. InApp is a ready-to-use enterprise search platform with a highly flexible software development kit. With this platform, search-enabled applications can be deployed.

With Mindbreeze, your information is accessible anytime, anywhere in the world. Your information is under control.

Mindbreeze Distributor—North America Fabasoft USA
101 Federal Street, Suite 1900
Boston MA 02110

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