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View From The Top: Exsys, Inc.

Getting It Right—Cost Cutting and Time Savings Through Knowledge Automation

Exsys Corvid® provides an easy way to capture scarce, expert knowledge on decision-making tasks, to produce interactive online systems that emulate conversations with human experts to solve problems and provide situation-specific advice.

Businesses everywhere are now scrambling to be as streamlined and efficient as possible. Resources are stretched thin and more and more functions are becoming "self-service". A lack of readily available answers to specific problems for customers and employees makes these difficult or confusing situations even worse, resulting in errors or inaction—costs businesses cannot afford.

For over 26 years Exsys Inc. has been helping companies build practical cost effective knowledge automation systems that solve real-world problems and produce impressive, measurable R.O.I.s. Common application areas are:

  • Regulatory and Compliance
  • Diagnostics and Repair
  • Web Self-Service Customer or Technical Support
  • Pre-Sales Advice for Prospects
  • Configuration of Complex Systems
  • "Best Practices"
  • Capturing Corporate Knowledge
  • Smart CRM
  • Web Site Concierge Systems
  • Smart Questionnaires
  • Business Rules

Corvid is designed to allow non-programmers to build systems that would be almost impossible by other techniques. Proven across industries, government and military applications, Exsys is a world leader in knowledge automation expert systems with powerful, but easy to use tools capable of handling the most demanding tasks.

Contact Exsys to discuss your knowledge automation needs. Evaluation software, system demos and many case studies are available at www.exsys.com

Exsys Inc.
Email: info@exsys.com
Phone: 505.888.9494
Web: www.exsys.com

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