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View From The Top: Exsys

Exsys Inc.
Dustin Huntington President

Kick Start Economic Recovery Engine with Knowledge Automation
One of the biggest problems for struggling businesses is providing employees and customers with the tools to operate effectively and make correct decisions.  This is particularly true when cutbacks increase the scope and complexity of individual responsibilities. Ideally, everyone would have access to human experts to answer their questions, but that is not generally practical. 

The solution is to make websites interact with people as if they were talking to human experts to get specific advice and recommendations. This increases efficiency, cuts costs, enhances customer service and spurs growth by enabling new workforce capabilities.

Exsys Corvid® enables businesses to capture the actual decision-making logic and processes of their human experts in online interactive systems, which automatically perform detailed analysis of each end user’s situation to provide precise advice. Systems interact with end users in a conversational manner that emulates the conversation they would have with a human expert, asking only relevant questions. 

Knowledge automation systems are transforming the way people get answers, use information and analyze data. They automate routine processes and provide expertise access to a more distributed, mobile workforce. Systems can provide advice, increase operational efficiency, intelligently fill out forms, generate complex reports and documents and ensure regulatory compliance.

For over 27 years Exsys Inc has been helping industry and government deliver advanced knowledge automation systems. Our case studies (http://www.exsys.com/casestudies.html) illustrate the many successful ways Exsys systems have been used to provide knowledge distribution solutions for all levels of needs from individuals to small businesses, and Fortune 100 companies to government agencies. Contact us today to discuss your knowledge automation needs.

Exsys Inc.
Phone: 505.888.9494
Email: info@exsys.com
Web: www.exsys.com

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