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View From The Top: Ektron

Bill Rogers Founder & CEO

In today’s digital environment, Web content management (and, therefore, knowledge management) has to do more than just manage the content you put on your site. Ektron empowers your whole company, enabling you to optimize company marketing everywhere that information about your company is distributed. From analyzing message delivery on your own site to enabling efficient and consistent deployment to the social Web, Ektron’s Web content management (WCM) solution enables users to react in real time and automate changes in messaging based on the activity of site visitors. By giving companies the opportunity to deliver information in the most effective and user centric way possible, companies are able to empower site visitors with true consumer centric oriented experiences.

Features and functionality found in Ektron’s solution encourage user generated content (including commenting, ratings, forums and blogs) and produce the immersive online experience that site visitors are looking for. It also presents an opportunity for the company to get direct feedback about the brand and messaging. With this audience feedback, Ektron enables immediate reaction, understanding and management of both user and company generated content.

New information on the site, whether it is video, images, news or blog entries can be distributed to the social Web at the same time that it is deployed to your website. Ektron empowers companies to directly notify social platforms like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook of the new information and even cross-pollinate the content to where audiences are. While corporate information can be found everywhere in an effort to educate and inform audiences, centrally managing that content with an Ektron powered solution is the key to efficiently driving visitors to the company website to grow revenue, customer loyalty and brand awareness.

For more information, visit us at www.ektron.com.

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