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View From The Top: Concept Searching

Concept Searching is the first company to offer a full range of statistical information retrieval products based on Compound Term Processing. Our unique technology automatically identifies the word patterns in unstructured text that convey the most meaning and our products use these higher order terms to improve Precision with no loss of Recall.

The powerful combination of compound term processing, automatic semantic metadata generation, and easy-to-use taxonomy tools deliver compelling business benefits and overcome the challenges of managing and leveraging knowledge capital.

  • conceptSearch is a the first enterprise search engine based on concepts with the ability to accept queries in natural language with the user typing words, phrases, or whole sentences.
  • conceptClassifier performs automatic document classification based on rules defined using natural language.
  • The technology uses statistical analysis to identify concepts and so it works regardless of language, vocabulary or grammatical style.
  • The products are fully integrated with Microsoft SharePoint but also work with websites, file systems, email, SQL databases and the most widely used Document Management Systems.
  • The products offer an API based on Web Services with all information exchanged in XML. This approach makes application development much simpler than alternative approaches and is truly cross-platform.
  • The technologies are rapidly deployed, at a lower cost, while delivering more effective search and discovery capabilities compared to traditional keyword-based search and classification technologies.

Concept Searching is headquartered in the U.K. and has offices in the U.S. and South Africa.
For more information, visit www.conceptsearching.com

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