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View From The Top: Chiliad

Chiliad CEO, Dan Ferranti

One of the greatest challenges facing almost every organization in this exploding information age concerns the need to "Connect the Dots" across distributed and/or disparate data repositories so as to extract meaningful and timely knowledge from them.

Despite billions of dollars spent on traditional search and business intelligence technologies, most enterprises still struggle to effectively share and realize actionable intelligence across organizational and application boundaries. While previous solutions offer varying degrees of business value, the information whole still does not exceed the sum of its parts.

Chiliad’s patent-pending software was specifically born out of the need to overcome the information "stovepipe" problem which was the nation’s principal vulnerability on September 11, 2001. Investigations into 9/11 concluded that "Connecting the Dots" across information stored in incompatible databases, documents, and applications, located in different departments and organizations, would provide the proactive, real-time situational awareness necessary to interdict and avert a similar problem in the future.

  • A decade of development and $60 million of investment to solve this problem has led to Chiliad’s patent-pending "Global Knowledge Fusion"™. It provides real-time capabilities to securely find, fuse, analyze, monitor, share and act upon information—from within the enterprise and across the globe as if it were all seamlessly contained in a single, local, real-time application.

Chiliad’s technology has been referred to by government officials as the "holy grail" of knowledge extraction in the post 9/11 world. Chiliad is now expanding beyond its government roots and is offering this enabling technology to any business that desires to empower their competitive position by actualizing upon "Knowledge is Power".

To learn how Chiliad can benefit your organization, please visit us at www.chiliad.com

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