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View From The Top: AnyDoc Software, Inc.

AnyDoc Software, Inc.
Samuel L. Schrage, President

Mainstreaming of OCR Technology

With proven high performance, OCR is now a non-negotiable part of the paperless office and BPM, simultaneously working alongside complementary technologies such as EDI, P-cards, and e-invoicing to drive document processing costs even lower. While not a new technology, if you haven’t seen a demonstration of OCR (optical character recognition) lately you may be surprised by its capabilities.

By replacing manual data entry with automated data capture, critical information is available faster. Armed with this data, organizations can make better decisions, in a fraction of the time required with manual processing. Now automated processing allows paper to be captured at the point of inception, saving time and money.

Data can be automatically captured from nearly any type of document, including both structured forms such as credit applications as well as unstructured documents like invoices or remittances. Advancements include:

  • Template-free data capture
  • Capture of line-item details
  • Seamless integration with front and back-end systems
  • Ability to add classification, eliminating manual sorting
  • Distributed capture to meet changing environments
  • Simple point-and-click GUI for easy customization

Because today’s data capture solutions fully integrate with both front-end hardware and back-end software, a seamless document processing flow is created. Metadata can be passed from scanners and incorporated into the data record. All captured and validated data can then be transferred to nearly any ECM, ERP, or document management system, including SharePoint, SAP, OnBase, IBM, DocuWare, and OpenText.

Learn more about the power of data capture at www.anydocsoftware.com

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