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View From The Top: ASG Software Solutions

Nowhere is the need for IT to directly support business requirements more apparent—or critical–than in the area of information management. Business demands are deceptively simple: deliver the right information to the right person at the right time. However, as content expands to include e-mail, Web pages, images, and spreadsheets, it is an ever-increasing challenge to identify not only where information is located, but also how to access it.

Federation is a key enabler for organizations to optimize the mission-critical content needed for business decisions; it offers end-users access to content via a single, unified view, regardless of where the content is stored. Federation decreases IT expenditures associated with complex, in-house data integration projects and dramatically reduces the costs of desktop software by eliminating the need for multiple, proprietary viewers to different content repositories.

ASG-Total Content Integrator™ (ASG-TCI™) provides access to federated content from disparate repositories via a wide range of out-of-the-box adapters. Built on standard Web services and using metadata to efficiently index content, ASG-TCI scales to accommodate unlimited repositories, users, and content volume. ASG-TCI provides a "no-code" approach to configuration that reduces the cost and time of installation and implementation.

As content types and volumes continue to multiply, so will the number of potential locations business users must search. Federating these sources to a single, universal user interface quickly and economically provides seamless access to mission-critical content, delivering the right information to the right person at the right time—every time.

To learn more about ASG, visit us at www.asg.com.

ASG Software Solutions
1333 Third Avenue South
Naples, FL 34102

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