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View From The Top: ABBYY

Dean Tang CEO

Smartphones are clearly the runaway hit of past years, bringing thousands of applications into the hands of consumers. While applications for smartphones are surpassing the 150,000 mark, the next trend isn’t another consumer application. Now it’s the enterprises turn to utilize cloud computing and smartphones to drive new services and innovation.

For the knowledge management space, this will be the year that the enterprise market breaks out and starts to leverage OCR and data capture beyond back office applications.  Enterprise organizations will start to leverage the proliferation of smartphone to cater towards on-demand, on-the-go use by their employees and end users. Data capture applications will move smartphones beyond useful consumer devices to must-have business tools.

New enterprise applications will allow employees to capture data remotely and feed data directly to content management systems. By linking back office systems with the mobile devices that their employees and end users use, the possibilities are endless for creating increased value, more efficiency, and a better user experience. 

Where will the market go this year? As enterprise managers adjust to the fast pace needs of consumers they will recognize the power and enablement provided by combining data capture technology and cloud computing to communicate with millions of end users. With technology running on the cloud and on Smartphone platforms, ABBYY is enabling enterprise customers to bring powerful OCR and data capture solutions to the edge of their corporate boundaries in new, innovative ways.

ABBYY USA Software House, Inc.
880 North McCarthy Blvd.
Suite #220
Milpitas, CA 95035
Office: 408.457.9777

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