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Utilizing Unique Customer Solutions for Innovation

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Businesses in all industries continue to rely on easy access to copyrighted material supported by powerful content and technology platforms. At CCC, we are focused on collaborating with our customers to create solutions together. We’re committed to providing innovative content and licensing solutions to help companies across industries adapt to a changing world.

Making Copyright Work

These days, employee work locations vary from person to person and from day to day. Whether working remotely or in the office, employees need easy access to a wide range of content and data to do their jobs effectively. In a recent survey by industry analyst firm Outsell, fewer than half of global business workers are aware of their organization’s copyright policy, yet the frequency of sharing work-related content is on the rise. CCC’s Annual Copyright Licenses strengthen and simplify copyright-compliant collaboration and our Right- Find suite provides complementary tools to speed discovery of and access to scientific content. Developing effective licensing solutions in partnership with our customers is in our DNA.

Expanding Access to COVID Content

CCC is committed to supporting the research efforts of orga- nizations on the front lines of fighting COVID-19. Our RightFind COVID open-to-read collection provides immediate access to more than 146,000 articles and preprints. Our XML for Mining open access COVID collection includes more than 43,000 Open Access (Creative Commons CC-BY license) articles, across more than 41 publishers, in full-text, semi-normalized XML format and also includes a bi-weekly update of newly published OA articles.

Creating Data-driven Solutions

CCC’s experience in technology and data management enables our professional services team to quickly develop data-driven solutions for research-driven organizations. CCC’s team has helped companies in insurance, banking and other financial services, as well as life sciences, medical devices, chemistry, manufacturing and food and beverage as they navigate and adapt to the changing business landscape. The team recently created a simple yet powerful knowledge graph to enable exploration of experts in coronavirus-related research and analysis of the interconnections between them, their publications, and areas of interest. This is a great example of the power of knowledge graphs for drawing insights from large volumes of data.

Let's Create Solutions Together

Contact CCC to discuss how our unique solutions can connect your content and rights in contextually relevant ways, enable your organization to innovate and make informed decisions, advance how your data and information is integrated, accessed, and shared, while incorporating effective copyright solutions that accelerate knowledge and power innovation.

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