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The Power of AI in Transforming Customer and Employee Satisfaction

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Businesses today are focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences and heightening employee satisfaction—all while managing an increasingly distributed workforce. What has become clear is that yesterday’s methods of driving satisfaction don’t cut it anymore.

This is where NICE Enlighten for Customer Satisfaction adds immense value, as it helps businesses tap into a new dimension of understanding the customer and employee experience. By leveraging AI-driven solutions to score every interaction in real-time and transform subjective (soft skill) behaviors, decisions and outcomes into actionable data, CX organizations now have a complete, objective and automated analysis of every customer interaction.

Through this approach, these organizations have access to consistent, accurate and unbiased metrics for every employee and customer—all with vastly reduced manual effort. Most importantly, businesses will benefit from metrics they can trust and take action against with confidence.

The insights provided by NICE Enlighten for Customer Satisfaction with Real-Time Interaction Guidance empower managers to coach to the actions that improve the CSAT score and that will positively influence each customer’s perception of an interaction, which is reflected in the overall NPS. Real-time interaction guidance also provides CX employees with immediate feedback to steer customer conversations through clear advice and prompts that drive superior service excellence, even in remote environments. Employees can proactively pivot in the moment—when it matters most—to improve customer satisfaction on every single interaction and boost overall NPS. At the same time, it gives employees the assurance of being evaluated based on their overall performance and not just by a coach listening into a few selected calls.

Brands that have eliminated these kind of quality checks have freed coaches up to provide more one-on-one attention to their staff, allowing for deeper emotional engagement as well as more direct coaching. Both of those changes drive increased agent engagement and job satisfaction.

Embracing the power of proven and purpose-built AI-driven real-time interaction guidance puts businesses in the best position to thrive in today’s remote working environments. Join us in the CX revolution—and don’t get left behind.

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