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Synaptica, LLC, David Clarke CEO: View From the Top

We humans have an innate and insatiable desire for knowledge. It is in our genes as well as our mind-set. Managing knowledge is ultimately what distinguishes us from other living things: our ability to accumulate, organize and communicate ideas, as well as build problem-solving tools. Knowledge has defined the character and destiny of our species.

What will success look like in the knowledge age of tomorrow? How will knowledge management affect the performance of your organization? Many of the traditional tools and methods used today will remain in use tomorrow: controlled vocabularies, content classification, faceted search and discovery. But the ways that these tools and methods are implemented are evolving rapidly, and we need to be alert and adaptive to change.

One of the most exciting innovations in the management of knowledge is the prolific growth of Linked Data. Linked Data allows diverse datasets to be recombined in novel ways. This can be kept behind the firewall as Linked Enterprise Data or exposed to the world as Linked Open Data. Linked Open Data provides a framework for the entire planet to share knowledge. When different user communities and perspectives come together and collaborate, our collective knowledge is enriched in the process. Any organization can start tapping into a wealth of structured knowledge currently available as Linked Open Data. Organizations that fail to embrace the Linked Data opportunity may struggle to keep up with those who do.

For twenty years Synaptica® has been a leading provider of Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS) software. Synaptica can be rapidly customized to handle any type of KOS structure, including taxonomies, thesauri, name authorities and ontologies. The application supports data visualization, batch editing, versioning and replication as well as tools to manually or automatically build crosswalks between concept schemes. As an enterprise-class application, Synaptica is highly scalable and comes with powerful APIs. It facilitates team collaboration with granular user permissions, custom workflows and the automated generation and delivery of management reports. Our product has won multiple industry awards and our customer base is worldwide, including users in nearly every industry sector.

This year Synaptica is pleased to announce the introduction of a brand new product line built on a Linked Data platform and graph database. OASIS from Synaptica employs the very latest industry standards and specifications to support building and managing KOS, annotating content, ingesting external Linked Data sources and publishing Linked Data. OASIS also includes a highly innovative module for performing annotation and semantic indexing of high definition images. The emergence of knowledge graphs and graph queries is expanding the type of questions we can ask and enriching the answers we get, truly providing the ability to transform information into knowledge.

For more information about how Synaptica and OASIS can help your organization to stay ahead in the knowledge age of tomorrow, please visit us at www.synaptica.com or reach us at any of the contact points below.

Synaptica, LLC
North America: +1-303-298-1947
Europe: +44-203-287-3100
Asia: +65-6221-0383

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