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Rivet Logic, President & CEO, Mike Vertal: View from the Top

Forward-thinking enterprises realize the importance of content, collaboration and community solutions in helping their organizations run more smoothly and efficiently, while increasing top-line revenue growth, enhancing customer loyalty, and improving internal operations and employee productivity. What started out as a cost saving alternative, organizations have recently started realizing the true benefits of best-of-breed open source and what makes it such an appealing option—agility, transparency, security, and reliability over their proprietary counterparts.

Over the past few years, consistent with an increased adoption of enterprise-grade, commercially supported open source content management and portal software, open source enterprise search solutions have seen a similar rise in interest and awareness. Organizations are beginning to realize how these technologies can be used to complement their IT strategy and achieve a next-generation Enterprise 2.0 environment.

Rivet Logic has performed successful implementations across a variety of content-centric solutions—ranging from Web content management, document management, collaboration, enterprise social networking, and enterprise search. Our most recent clients include Fortune 500 companies that span the media and publishing, pharmaceutical, financial services, government, education, and consumer markets.

Rivet Logic is honored to be recognized—for the third year in a row—as an industry leader driving successful enterprise adoption of open source software. Rivet Logic provides consulting and system integration services that enable organizations to fully leverage the power of leading open source content management, portal and enterprise search software. With deep expertise in best-of-breed platforms, Rivet Logic crafts content-rich solutions that power next-generation Web properties, Enterprise 2.0 applications and collaborative communities.

Rivet Logic Corporation
1800 Alexander Bell Drive, Suite 400
Reston, VA 20191

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