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Rivet Logic Corporation, Mike Vertal, President & CEO:
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To succeed in today’s customer-centric era, businesses must not only undergo a digital transformation, but to also do so with their customers’ needs in mind. The modern consumer’s demands are ever increasing—they want the convenience of researching and comparing products and services, they want to gather social feedback, and they want to choose when, where, and how they interact with your brand.

Meanwhile, the digital landscape is ever changing, with the number of touch points on the rise, and each interaction with your brand is a piece of the overall experience. Forward thinking organizations are putting users at the center of a data-driven digital strategy, and creating a multi-channel approach that offers a consistent experience throughout their entire journey.

However, this engagement doesn’t stop at your customers, but also includes employees, partners, and all other business stakeholders. Internally, organizations that have turned to social intranet and portal solutions to drive engagement are taking it a step further by integrating a mobile experience for additional value.

Your technology needs to simplify these otherwise complex processes, through flexible solutions that can effectively engage a variety of audience groups across all applications, devices, and channels.

Rivet Logic is honored to be recognized—for the eighth year in a row—as an industry leader helping modern organizations build riveting digital experiences, ranging from customer experiences that drive more revenue to employee experiences that drive higher productivity. Our technical approach—focusing on leading open source and cloud-based software—has proven to be incredibly successful. Which digital experiences can we help build for your enterprise?

Rivet Logic Corporation
11410 Isaac Newton Sq. N.
Suite 210
Reston, VA 20190

PH: 703.955.3480
Contact: sales@rivetlogic.com

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